Diet vs. Diet

January 27, 2020


If you start a kind of diet just to lose weight, then you are doing it WRONG!!!!

At the end of the day every single food, diet and macros comes to calorie counting. If you don't know how much you eat, then you can't control a calorie deficit and to make sure you are loosing weight, you have to put yourself into a calorie deficit for a long term.

Many people start a diet and they overeat, such as keto, if you eat 3 avocados a day, it will be about 1,000 cal day already and you haven't eaten anything just the avocados. You can do a specific diet, but still have to watch how many calories do you eat!!! 


Following a specific diet should be enjoyable, nutritious and well balanced. It has to be something that you like and believe in. Also never push yourself through it like if you have a headache or your body is craving for a specific food, than it is a sign, a sign from your body and brain to STOP this and get the right food and direction. 


As a conclusion you can eat anything to lose weight, but you need to calculate!!!! You can eat pizza and ice cream or bacon and salad at the end you need that number to move forward with your diet. Of course I don't want to push you into a pizza diet hahaha the real meaning of DIETS is to get NUTRITION!!! Lose weight with nutritious and well balanced meal plan!

Let me know if you need help to set up your numbers and meals :) 

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January 27, 2020

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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