7 Benefits of Red Red Wine

July 18, 2019

I got a lot of questions about red wine, why am I so obsessed with it? What kind of nutrition it has and what are the benefits of having red wine daily?

My relationship with red wine started when I was waaaay younger haha I was always tired and sleepy all day... when I went to the doctor, he said I am basically out of iron (I was like daaa I don't eat red meat since 20 years lol), and the best solution is to have a small glass of red wine every night before bed. First it was super weird, but believe it or not less than a week I had my energy level back and I was ready to enjoy life again. Since that moment I almost have 1 glass every single night, (ok ok almost every night, and since I am an adult I might have 1,5 glasses :)

But it is enough of my story, I am ready to share the benefits of this miracle drink, btw if you check out the news online today, they just discovered a new study how red wine effects astronauts in space and how it helps their muscle mass, but I will include this study in my bullets:

1) It makes you look good!

When ever you are out with friends, red wine is just so catchy and make you look sexy. A woman with red wine is very attractive, she looks intelligent and seems like she makes smart choices. The color red is already a noticeable color, but if a well dressed girl is drinking it, then it is a bonus. It also says about that person knowing how to chill and enjoy social life. 


2) It can be good for your heart!

Studies show it reduces heart risks, but it depends on the individual. Before start to use red wine as heart medicine, please ask your doctor. I believe it has heart benefits, but we are still talking about 1 glass per day and not a bottle. 


3) It helps keeping your muscle mass!

Probably this bullet is my favorite haha. It has sugar that means it won't prep you for an NPC competition, but on daily basis a smaller amount does help to maintain your muscles. French researchers experimented red wine with astronauts. You have to know that astronauts struggle with keeping their muscles because of the gravity, specially in their legs. And guess what? the astronauts who drank red wine, kept their muscles in a better shape, than who didn't. Apparently the antioxidants from the grapes helps to prevent the muscles loss.


4) Reduces stress!

It helps the nervous system to relax and make us more comfortable. Also it helps us to have a better good night sleep. If you struggle with sleeping or having insomnia, then bottoms up haha 


5) Helps with memory loss!

There was a study from Journal of Neuroscience, which says that adults who took medication for memory loss and adults who were drinking red wine, got the same outcome. Apparently red wine has a secret ingredient, which help to train our brains. 


6) It burns fat!

That is my other favorite benefit, because I just love to burn fat with exercising and taking the right nutrition. The dark red variety of grapes can slow down fat cell gains. Sugar content is not the best option in red wine, but it also helps with liver function over night with people who has some extra "pillows". I also noticed that it helps me to keep full and I eat less, which is a great solution against overnight eating. 


7) It can lower the risk of cancer!

A study found in Journal of Women's Health says "can help lower breast cancer risk in women and this was a significant finding because it challenged the long-held belief that any type of alcohol, even in moderation, may up breast cancer risk".


As a conclusion RED WINE is GREAT but be careful NOT a BOTTLE only a 1 GLASS!!!!

I got my main information from Amy Schlinger, Fitness Magazine. When people ask me what do I drink durning a day, I only drink 2 types of liquid, water and red wine :) 

It definitely helps me to eat healthier, because I count it as my carbs and supports my iron intake also love the taste of it after a night cardio. 




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January 27, 2020

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