I was sooo fit... How to get back to it?

June 21, 2019

I hear that many times, including myself: I was so dedicated and so fit and so healthy and look at me now... my eat habits is allover the place and I am just that motivated to workout. I'm not going to lie, IT HAPPENS to ALL of US :) Motivation comes and goes... specially in the summer or with a new life situation like a new baby, new job or even as simple as a new comfortable habit (like snacking at night).


What to do to get back to it?

Here are some basics how to start and how to change your thinking:

1) Never compare yourself to anybody else: even if that person is stronger or weaker, it is NON of your business!!!! Of course you can learn from their mistakes or gain positive experiences, but DO YOUR OWN THING!

2) Never want to look like yourself 5 or 10 years ago!!! Always look like your best version of yourself at this MOMENT!!!! You change, your life has changed and those times will never come back... just move on... FOCUS on NOW!!!! Do something that you can be proud of TODAY and TOMORROW, leave your past behind! Nobody cares how you looked like when you were 18 or 25 years old, it is a nice memory, but you have to realize those habits, and lifestyle is gone, concentrate on something new, something healthier and better!!!

3) Exploring new habits!!!! Get out of your comfort zone and good things will happen. Many people just live to survive today and they don't think about tomorrow or what will happen with their health in 5 years. If you will keep doing the same daily tasks, I guarantee you that no change will happen! It is time to fade in some good habits, such as change in your activity level and nutrition. 

4) You need help!!! Nobody was born with the right knowledge of health and fitness. This is the time to look for a professional or browse online for a better lifestyle. Don't expect change over night, that is why don't be hard on yourself. Always keep your workouts and food intake on a realistic level. PS: my bikini prep didn't happen in a week, my nutrition was changed every 10 days until the last hour, when I hit the stage... Be Careful and Know Your Limits! 

5) Step by Step. Once you feel like a good changing is happening and you feel good about it, then the key is to find balance. Keep up the good work, but allow yourself a little cheat time. Cheat meals and lazy days-off help our mental health, prep us for a long run, and let us see results quicker. 

I hope that's what you needed today, just a little kick to start something NEW!

There is the weekend, you have time to cook, prep and train!!!!! Go for it babes :) 











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January 27, 2020

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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