Change your life with WHOLE30!!!

June 8, 2019

What is Whole30 and why is it a life changer?

-Whole 30 is a 30 Day Cleansing Diet. Yes, it is a diet, even though it's a short term weight loss solution, it will change your mindset and taste buds. 




The main idea is to come back to nature and only eat whole foods for 30 days... There are 5 main components to use during the diet:



-Lean Meat


-Raw Nuts 






It will almost close the gates to eat carbs and eat or drink diary products. You need this in your life to realize how much crappy ingredients we eat in a day or in a week. This will help you to stay away from binge eating or junk food, or any kind of bad habits, specially at night. 

The first couple of days are not that hard, since you won't starve yourself, but after 5-7 days the hanger for your bad carbs will appear. You can still eat potatoes, different veggies and nuts to make those cravings go away. Then after the 2nd week your body will start to appreciate, what you have been doing, not just you will loose weight, but you will feel cleaner, lighter and full of energy. 

Remember!!!!!!!!!! Weight loss will happen with calorie deficit!!!!!! That means you can start the whole30 or any kind of diet, if you overeat your minimum daily calorie intake, then you will gain weight!!!!! Be careful with your calories!!!!! There are some components in this diet, that you have to watch such as fruits like banana or nuts, which are high in calories.  


Here is a little extra guide from me :)

I feel like Whole30 is the best diet and eating habit ever. Low carbs, full of nutrients and super healthy. You can do muscle gaining, weight loss, vegetarian, vegan, body building diet, keto, paleo, you can still sneak the main concept of whole30 into your current diet. I recommend to do the full 30 days just to get the 'REAL TASTE' of it, then set up a PLAN. My current plan is to do the diet until is comfortable like 2 weeks, then take a little break and get some cheats like grain bread or ice cream as it needed. If you fail, that's ok!!!! Get up and start over again :) Everybody fails haha But remember never give up! Always plan ahead! Set up a realistic goal and follow it!!!! 

Who wants to do a Whole30 challenge with me?





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January 27, 2020

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