My Summer Diet Tips

May 24, 2019


Many people (including me) eat less in the summer. We just don't crave that much food under the sun. Eating less??? That sounds like a good plan right? buuuut what will happen if you don't eat during the day? Then you will eat at NIGHT!!! Night snacking and eating is the biggest enemy. My secret is to have a lots of fluid water or tea and also consume a lots of fruits or smoothies. Smoothies in the morning, which makes me full, it is full of nutrition and minerals, lots of veggies for lunch which is light but still gets me through the day, some nuts as my afternoon snack which helps me with some fat intake and gives me energy to workout, protein at night which perfectly makes me full and burns fat, build muscles during the night time. 

Here you go a 4 meals summer meal plan:

Breakfast: Smoothie Mainly Fruit --- sugar, energy, minerals, vitamins, carbs

Lunch: Mainly Veggies --- light, vitamins, carbs, fiber, low fat

Snack: Raw Almonds --- fat, energy, fiber, protein, reduce hunger, promote weight loss

Dinner: Fish --- protein, light, omega-3, easy to digest


This is a basic meal plan full of nutrients and health benefits, but of course you have to customize your portions. It definitely will keep you full the whole day, keep away from over eating at night, and gets you plenty of health support.

Eat more whole foods and make your dish colorful :)


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January 27, 2020

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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