How can you maintain calorie deficit?

January 25, 2019

The most important concept of weight loss is CALORIE DEFICIT!!! 

What is calorie deficit and why is it sooooo important? 

Is it healthy to maintain calorie deficit all the time (everyday and every meal)? 

How can I be sure that I am in calorie deficit? 


Calorie Deficit is when you eat less calories than you burn! 

Okok, but how do you know how much do you burn? and how do you know how much do you consume? 

How to Start?

1) You need to calculate you BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate):

There are several free calculators online where you can calculate your resting calorie burn. This will show you how much calorie you burn a day without moving and that number will give you an idea how much calories  you can eat a day. The result will be based on your age, hight, current weight, and gender. 

2) You need to calculate your food intake:

Based on your BMR, now you can calculate your daily food calorie intake. I assume you would like to loose weight, and the number has to be even equal to your BMR or less. Why equal? - Because if you exercise or move a little extra, then you will still be in a deficit. Example, let's say my BMR is 1,200 cal/day, then I will eat about 1,200 to maintain my body. I usually eat the same as my BMR number and all my exercises and burned calories put me into a deficit. (contest prep is different) 

3) Plan your daily food/calorie intake

The best if you eat 5-6 times a day, however I figured out 4 times a day works the best for me. Now you have to divide your BMR number into 5, and the result number will be your MEAL/CALORIE number. Let's say your BMR number is 2,000 and you eat 5 times a day, then your meals should be around 400 calories. 

4) Set up your meals

Meals should be vary, depends what would you like to do to your body and also depends on your body type. Here is where macro nutrition comes into the picture. I mean your meals will be different if you would like to loose weight, build muscle, or if you a skinny type, or gain weight easily etc... This is the time when you should do a big research online, what is the right food for you, or look up a professional to help :) 

I usually create my meal calorie numbers through myfitnesspal, where I can track all the calories, macros and other nutrients. I know it will seem like a second job, but I promise once you get comfortable with your meals, there is no need to track, because you already know what to eat or prep- All you need to do is EAT!!! 

5) Listen to your body

Once you get everything set up and ready to roll, don't forget to check your body and your symptoms. There are always signs to listen to such as if you don't loose weight, if you loose a lot of weight suddenly, if you are weak or dizzy all the time, etc... Never stop your diet but def always make some changes! 


I am currently working on my nutrition certificate and I am so thrilled to help people with their healthy lifestyle :) 

One step closer to your goals! Day by day, meal by meal! Get your healthy obsession on!!!!


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January 27, 2020

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