How to start? -01/01/2019-

January 4, 2019

Probably many of you are thinking to get rid of some extra pounds because of the new year is here. I know 2 kinds of people; who want to loose the holiday weight what is usually a few extra pounds and the other kind who wants to loose the past 5 years gains haha



If you just want loose the holiday weights, then good news- you will in a couple of weeks as soon as you back to your normal routine with work, eating habits, gym time etc... it will come fast I promise.

If you want to loose weight to look like your high school pictures, then you need TIME, DEDICATION and a LIFESTYLE CHANGES. It is a day by day/ step by step progress, I assume you put that weight on in years, then why do you expect to loose it in a month??? Unfortunately steady and jelly fat won't go away very easy, but no worries there is hope :)

How to start????????????????????

First of all try to find a way that helps with your motivation- it can be a diet, scale numbers, clothing sizes, body measurements... and stick with it. Don't use the scale everyday or don't over do any kinds of diet- it will cause you STRESS and HEADACHE!!! Keep it simple and go with the flow!!!!

Set up a realistic and easy to follow plan like do little changes on your eating habits only with one meal like dinner, then when you are comfortable, you can moderate your lunch, then you can vary day by day, then couple of days, then weeks... and weeks/ months later it will add up and you will see the RESULTS. The key is to get out of your comfort zone step by step and make it comfortable!!!

Do the same realistic and achievable plan with your workouts!!! Cardio and weight lifting equally important! If you don't workout at all, don't plan to workout 4x per week, try to workout 1-2x per week, but stick with that and never quite!! If you do good and keep adding workouts, you will reach that 4-5x training per week in a couple of months. 

All I can tell you if you read this, that was your FIRST step! First step is always the hardest, that means you already want to do it, you already decided in your head! The next step is to take action!!!! 

If you need help with your training schedule or plans, let me know :)





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January 27, 2020

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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