How to avoid Holiday Gains?

December 16, 2018

Lately I hear a lot of people saying: "It's okay, it's the holiday." Well the ugly truth is that it is NOT OKAY!!!!!!

Why would you wait to start a healthy lifestyle?

Why would you postponed on your diet for weeks? 

Why is it okay to eat whatever for weeks?

Why is it okay to gain weight? 

Why is it okay to lost of track?

???? Just because it's the holidays????

Make a difference!!! Don't be average!!!


Watch your meals and make a PLAN! 

Yes, you will need a plan to survive and stay on track. That plan should include your holiday parties, your "No, Thank you!", your workouts, your cheat meals and your treats. Be careful because healthy treats are still EXTRA calories!!!!!




My advices: 

1) Open up your calendar and plan ahead... 

-Pick your treat days (like Christmas Eve with your family)

-Meal prep even for your days off (that way you will have the same meals, and won't buy any snacks or unhealthy sandwiches at the mall/ gas station/ deli...

-Plan your workouts ahead and stick with them!!! You should have time for your trainings- it's the holiday!! Go and enjoy your days off with a long walk/run or gym time. 

-Get pretty! Do something extra to award yourself. Most people award theirselves with cookies haha you should award yourself with a nice dress, mani-pedi, new hair, gym clothes... 

2) Always create a realistic plan...

Don't plan 2 workouts, if you hardly have time for one - You will stress out and give up! Just be you and try your best! Also remember, 30% training and 70% food are the ratios of a good & healthy body.

3) Never wait to start after the holidays and never stop during the holidays!!!!!!!!!!!

Holidays are not just 1-2 days!!! They are 1-3 weeks, which are almost 20 days!!!

20 days are almost a month!!!!! Never quite your routine just because Santa is coming to town. Wait for him with a nice and healthy version of yourself!


Good luck babes!!!!

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January 27, 2020

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