Calories and Weight Loss

November 28, 2018

The statement that you should NEVER forget "EAT LESS CALORIES, THAN YOU BURN"!!!! 

Probably you are like 'thanks for the info, but I already knew that'. Yes, I know you know that, but then way did you click on the article? why do you are you interested in weight loss? My guess because you want to loose weight hahaha 

 Here some facts that you can follow to reach your weight loss properly:


1) Never Stop Eating!!!!!! 

One of the biggest mistake that I see people doing to reduce their calories that they eat muuuuch less... ok, so let's say that you eat around 2,000 calories a day and you want to loose weight and you start to eat 500 calories/ day, then what??? Believe me hunger is coming and you will give it up and you will go back for even more calories like 4,000/day. Now what? you will give up your dieting  healthy eating, and calorie counting hahaha (I know all that because I have been there lol) 

Advice: Instead of not eating enough, calculate the right amount of calories that you suppose to eat and divide them into 4-6 meals, then decrease it every month!


2) Stop being Advanced!!!!!

I feel like those different kind of diets such as keto, whole 30, macro counting are advance level. Don't get me WRONG they work, but you have to do it RIGHT!!! Even-though you do a kind of diet, it still has to be based on calories! Let's say you do the whole30 diet where fruits are allowed, and now all you eat are fruits like 2 apples, 3 mangos, pineapple... they are all sugar and carbs and full of calories!!!! Because something is healthy and nutritious  it doesn't mean that it will lead you to weight loss, unless you eat it the right way and the right portion.


3) How to count your calories and macros?

There are many online calculators that you can use, but calories are based on your hight, weight, age, gender and activity level. Macro depends what are you trying to do with your body. Always go for a realistic deficit then decrease those number biweekly or monthly. 


There are many consideration about calories and weight loss. Pay attention on portions, what do you eat at what time, how much calories, how much calories do you burn during a day or by working out, etc...


Nobody was born to know all these, don't worry if you got lost! Don't worry if you put on some weight! Don't be ashamed to get support! You can always find some support online or contact me :) 

I can help you and set up your right portions, calories, macros and a new lifestyle!

(if you wan to follow a kind of diet, I can work with that too) 


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January 27, 2020

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