Sugar vs. Sugar

January 9, 2018

Can I eat sugar? How much gram should I eat? Isn't it going to make me fat? What are the alternatives? 


Well here are the happy and sad facts about sugar:

Our body needs sugar - yaaaaay, right?- We need sugar to survive, to have energy, and to feed our happiness (hormones)... 

But what kind of sugar can we eat? At what time is the best time to eat? And what is healthy? 


In this post forget about bodybuilding and macros, calories for a second, forget about to build muscles, to get lean, just think about HEALTH! 


They have discovered that sugar is a poison right, so we don't really use sugar anymore or have sugar in our homes anymore, at least I don't... then they started to come up with some alternatives such as syrups, agave, honey, stevia, or low carb artificial sweeteners. 


Now what is better? Sugar? Brown sugar? Low carb sweeteners? Honey? and Why? What are the differences? 


I believe SUGAR, BROWN SUGAR, SYRUPS, LOW CARB ARTICICIAL SWEETENERS, AGAVE are equally bad for us on a long term (if we eat them every day for years...) When once in a while you get a muffin at the gas station, that is totally fine, but what about everyday? Just think about smoking- when you smoke everyday, more times daily or may be just a second hand smoker on a Xmas party once a year, it sounds different right? 


When we about to eat sugar I think we should include nature, just like in every other meals.

-What does nature give us that sweet?


(The best option is to check the ingredients, but you can never go wrong with a banana in a smoothie ;) 


As a conclusion; DO NOT get CONFUSED with weight loss vs. health!!!!!!!

Weight loss wants to have less calories, less carbs, less macros and taste the same. My question is HOW???? It would be way too easy to manufacture something sweet, low carb and healthy hahahaha ALWAYS think about long term and the yourself in the future!!!!!!!!!

When we let go weight loss for a second and we want to eat all the calories, and get healthy then it shows that all the "untouched", "unpackaged", "unmanufactured" products are the best option.

Don't be afraid to eat sugar, WE NEED IT!!!!

Try to eat fruit, smoothies, honey, my kind of banana pancake, homemade protein cookies before noon, and you can still be on track with your HEALTH and DIET. 




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January 27, 2020

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