What does it really mean to eat Healthy?

December 15, 2017

 Unfortunately these days all the food industry and all the paid athletes got us confused. Just always think simple and forget the big words like non-sugar, paleo, gluten-free, reduced-fat, etc... I feel like they just like to make a bad type of food better, BUT they make it worst. E.g.: Potato chips:

1) Chips in store that we know they are unhealthy because they are salty, fatty, and not made from potato plus includes all the coloring to taste like potato (having probably 20 ingredients)

2) Fat-reduced/Paleo/Olive oil... Chip: they might reduced the ingredients but then they added something else to taste the same- COLORING!!! And they might be from real potatoes, but whats the point if they are packaged for years? Where is the nutrition from the potatoes?

3) Homemade Potato Chips: they are fresh, has 1 INGREDIENT=Potato :) {NO COLORING, NON PACKAGED, NO EXPIRATION DATE, NO INGREDIENTS}


ok, ok, then What can we EAT? What is Healthy?

NATURE!!!! What nature gives us, and the item wasn't packaged (no ingredients, no expiration date), just how Mother Earth produced it.

I have 5 categories, that means I don't go to supermarkets, I only go to farmers market and butchery. 


1-FRUITS (real sugar)

2-VEGETABLE (real green)

3-LEAN-MEAT (real protein)

4-EGGS (real protein & fat)

5-RAW NUTS (real fat)



All we need these 5 items to be healthy, reduce diseases, gain energy and live longer. We can eat as much as we want and manage our weight :)

Try to have only couple of meals or days with only these 5 categories!

Have a wonderfull Fri-Yay :D 

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January 27, 2020

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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