Weight Loss

Healthy Lifestyle

Muscle Gain


Coaching you for an hour or half an hour and helping you achieve your fitness and health goals. My experiences and education will motivate you through the variety of my exercises. 

60 min and 30 min sessions

Personal Training

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights

Online customized exercise plans and follow ups. It is NOT an average online program, THIS is a custom plan just for you, which will change depends on your  achievements. 

Customized Programs

Online Programs 


The proper nutrition is more than just an eating habit, it is a lifestyle. In this program I am changing your relationship with food. I am analyzing you and your psychological

background about food.  

Customized Programs

Nutrition Coaching

Diet Salad

Are confused or lost with your current diet? Do you need someone who guides you through the BIG question marks? I am here for you! I will coach you through your favorite diet and help you set up the right meal plans.

Diet and Meal Plan Options

Nutrition Plans


It is time to get together and enjoy the pleasure of fitness together. I will give you an hour of high intensity fat burning, while we have some fun under the sun. Showing you the proper techniques, at the same time gaining muscles and burning fat.

Weights and Cardio

Weekend Social

Let me get you ready for your BIG DAY. It can be any kind of occasion such as photoshoot, wedding, competition or performance... This is a 3 months pre-designed 

program, which will help you achieve your main goal.

12 Week Plan

Event Special

12 Week Plan

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