Whole 30

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Vegetarian Lunch


-baked sweet potato (40 min on 400 degrees)

-baked broccoli seasoned with salt, garlic (20 min on 400 degrees)

-3 egg whites and 1 egg 

Avocado Morning


-baked everything bagel potatoes

-3 egg whites and 1 egg cooked with olive oil spray and garlic 

-1/2 avocado 

-1 cup of spinach cooked with olive oil spray and garlic

Salty Egg Whites


-3 egg whites, 1 egg cooked with olive oil spray, salt and garlic

-1 cup of spinach

- baked salty sweet potato  

Peanutbutter Dream


-3 rice cakes

-2 tbs of pb

-1/2 of banana 

Strawberry Raisin Madness


Cake mix:

-2 bananas

-4 eggs

-1 scoop of chocolate vegan protein powder

-2 tbs of cinnamon 

Mix above ingredients in a binder

Toppings: (mix toppings into it after binder cake mix done)

-1 cup of fresh strawberries

-1/3 cup of raisins 

-1/2 cup of walnut

Bake everything together on 400' for 50 min.

Eat it with peanut butter or cottage cheese or just with a morning coffee.

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