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My name is Orshi, and I am certified fitness trainer, nutritionist and group fitness specialist. If you had followed my fitness journey, then you know I am not your average personal trainer. I have been through a lot... physically, emotionally, spiritually and I learned entirely about myself, but mostly through this journey I earned a kind of knowledge that makes me special. I was a very chubby tennis player, then I tried online fitness programs, after that I became a runner and I ran many half and whole marathons, finally I got into body building where I started to compete in Bikini category. Fitness truly became my life, and it turned out more than just a hobby. If I could make these changes, then you can too. Let me help you!  In my blog, I share my experiences, motivate others to a better lifestyle and in my social media I want to advice and push each other every day. The key to happiness is to find your balance between your mind, body, and soul. Love yourself enough to make changes and set up priorities, feel free to contact me with any questions. Everybody has to start somewhere, let me support you overcome your comfort zone! 

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